Terms and Conditions

1. Definition of Terms

1.1 “Business Day” Monday to Friday, excluding bank and public holidays.

1.2 “Fee” any fee payable by the Customer.

1.3 “Payment gateway service” is electronically (including magnetically) stored monetary value, represented by a claim on the issuer, which is issued upon receipt of funds for the purpose of making payment transactions, and which is accepted by a person other than the electronic money issuer.

1.4. “Payment Services” means all payment and Payment gateway service and any related services available to the Customer where applicable through the use of the Account.

1.5. “CUSTOMER DUE DILIGENCE(CDD)” refers to the procedure of identifying and verifying the true identity, of customers, and their agents and beneficial owners, including understanding and monitoring of their transactions and activities.

1.6. “Username and Password” login details selected by the Customer to access their Payment Services online.

1.7. “User, account holder” who receives the service of payment service as an individual or corporate.

1.8. “the third Party” means individual or corporate creating the business relation with us or Andex, it is not user/account holder.

1.9. “Andex” is the payment gateway service provider.

1.10. “We” refers to TIGER PAY.

1.11. “You” refers to the individual and/or corporate clients availing of the Payment Gateway service as provided by Andex and customer service provided by TIGER PAY.

1.12. “Money Service Provider”, provides money service such as remittance and exchange.

1.13. Cryptocurrency” means a digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange that uses cryptography to secure its transactions, to control the creation of additional units, and to verify the transfer of assets.

1.14. “Cryptocurrency exchange” refers to a service which allows user to access and/or trade virtual or fiat currencies.

2. About Andex and TIGER PAY

2.1 Andex is incorporated in Georgia, has right to provide payment gateway service. TIGER PAY supports the payment gateway service and provides customer service.

3. Your Agreement with Andex, TIGER PAY and Money Service Provider

3.1 The Money Service is provided by Money Service Provider, which is authorized and regulated by financial regulators. Andex only provides you with the payment gateway service, shall not be responsible for the losses and damages from support service and money service, without prejudice to the provisions as may be stated under applicable contracts.

3.2 TIGER PAY provides you with the Support service of Payment service, and TIGER PAY warrants that it has legal capacity to provide the services.

4. Your Account with us

  1. 4.1. These terms and conditions administer the relationship between you and us for the providing of the Payment Gateway Services by Andex to you. This Agreement also contains important notices and information that may affect your rights and your ability to manage your money. By activating your account, you shall be deemed to have accepted and fully understood the terms and conditions set out in this agreement and you agree to comply with these by your use of Payment gateway service and or by indicating your acceptance.
  2. 4.2. When you receive your account, you will need to activate it. The account will normally be ready for use immediately after verified email address to complete the activation. If you don’t activate your account, then any transactions that you attempt to carry out may be declined.
  3. 4.3 As the account holder you are responsible for the use of the account and for any applicable fees or charges that you may incur. The use of account by you will be regarded as confirmation to us that you have communicated these terms and conditions of account to them and that you accepted them to carry out transaction.

5. Account Structure

5.1. Payment gateway service consists of products and services of the following:

  • •Card account,
  • •Money transfer,
  • •Currency exchange,
  • •Cryptocurrency exchange,
  • •Other money services.

5.2. Payment gateway service is provided as an integrated service including the above. These account services are provided to individuals or corporations. We offer only one account per client.
5.3. All account holders are required to abide by this Terms and Conditions for each product and service.
5.4. We have the authority to reject Sing-up without stating any reason to the User. Moreover, we have the authority to restrict or suspend a User´s transactions at its own discretion under applicable laws or the policy of financial institution.

6. Card account

You can deposit money into the prepaid card designated by ANDEX on the payment gateway. You shall ensure your account has enough balance to conduct linkage between your account and card account and to provide details necessary for KYC materials as required laid down under and by Card scheme, Card Issuer, Card Authority and bank within designated period. You shall bear the losses and damages by reason of incomplete materials, including but not limited to close card account, suspension and/or termination of linkage between your account and card account.

Your Card account may be terminated due to the Card business policy changed by Card Scheme, Card Issuer and Card Authority under applicable laws and regulations, in such case we will try our best to notify you in advance, and provide you the refund in accordance with the refund policy of Card Issuer. You shall warrant to ensure that card account shall comply with the applicable laws and shall not conduct any activities outside legal means and the WE shall have the discretion to terminate your card account in contravention thereof.

7. Money Transfer

7.1. Internal Transfer refers to the money transfer between account users. You shall transfer fund to the account of platform duly designated, however, we shall not be held responsible for the losses and damages from transferring fund to the undesignated account.

7.2. Transfer to Bank Transfer refers to the Money transfer of funds from the payment gateway to bank or financial institutions other than those which TIGER PAY is affiliated with. You shall remit fund to your bank account or connectivity card account. In cases where you are unable to remit fund to the beneficiary account due to incorrect or incomplete remittance information within 3 Months from the date it is remitted to the designated account, we will refund the corresponding amount of fund to the remittance account and you shall bear the transaction cost. We reserve the right to cancel the Money transfer without notifying the Users should the same be due to findings related to remittance countries, remittance purpose, beneficiary’s identity and/or deemed as high risk transaction in accordance to the guidelines of AML and Counter-Terrorism statutes issued by FATF and the regulations of other financial institutions.

8. Currency exchange

8.1 If you comply with these Terms, you will be granted limited right to access the Site – providing service related to Fiat exchange and Cryptocurrency exchange. The right to access the Site is a non-exclusive, non-transferable, revocable, limited, and subject to the limitations and obligations. Nothing in these Terms gives you any license (other than as set out in this paragraph), right, title, or ownership of, in, or to the Site or any of the Services.

8.2 We provide the relative value of a currency unit against the unit of another currency on the Site under the foreign exchange market. If you disagree with the exchange rate provided by the rate provider, you may terminate the exchange. As soon as the exchange is complete, you shall be deemed to have agreed the exchange rate, and you cannot request the cancellation thereof.

8.3 You agree that the exchange rate may be changed by reason caused by marketing development, authority policy and applicable laws, so any exchange transaction shall be done in accordance with your intention, you shall bear for any losses and damages from the exchange and all gains and losses sustained from your use of the Site.

9. Cryptocurrency exchange

9.1 The Site is a trading environment for cryptocurrency exchange between cryptocurrencies and fiat money against cryptocurrency. The Site permits both unfinanced and financed transactions. Unfinanced purchases are fully funded by trading participants through funds deposited by you. Whether in an unfinanced transaction or a financed transaction, are settled by actual delivery of the full amount by the seller to the purchaser’s account against payment in full by the purchaser to the seller’s account.

9.2 You are solely responsible and liable for any and all trading and non-trading activity on the Site and for your account on the Site; and, for knowing the true status of any position or contract with any other party on the Site. You acknowledge and agree to: (a) be fully responsible and liable for your trading and non-trading actions and inactions on the Site and all gains and losses sustained from your use of the Site and any of the Services; (b) to be responsible for any negative balance in your account(s) on the Site; (c) to be fully responsible and liable for all of your obligations with respect to any financing activities on the Site; and (d) to be fully responsible for safeguarding access to, and any information provided through, the Site and any of the Services, including, but not limited to, private keys, usernames, passwords, and bank account details.

9.3 You may access the Site to inquire about the exchange rate which is real-time exchange rate provided by provider; the settlement will be executed depending the exchange policy of provider.

9.4 You acknowledge and agree that:

    • a) Once exchange settlement is completed, the transaction cannot be canceled;
    • b) The final exchange amount shall be notified thru your registered email when completing exchange;
    • c) The currency/cryptocurrency exchange cost is floated, it may be adjusted by the Money service provider according to the marketing policy;
    • d) The settlement currency and settlement period shall be provided by Money service provider under its exchange policy;
    • e) We only provide the cryptocurrency exchange gateway to you, you shall be responsible for all losses and damages from currency/cryptocurrency exchange service.
    • 9.5 You agree that limits to the exchange amounts processed through the Site will be determined by the bank, applicable laws and authority policy.

10. KYC / Know Your Customer requirements

10.1 For individual Customer, Customer must be at least 18 years old, or such higher age as may be required by applicable law, to register for an account. For corporate customer, it must have legal personality to operate its business which is not involve in adult services and contents, gambling, pharmaceutical, illegal groups, anti-social group and other illegal activities under applicable law. Under similar circumstances, we reserve the authority to reject the opening of an account or to close it at our own discretion under applicable laws.

10.2 In order to be the account holder, we may require evidence of your identity for proper verification. You shall be required to comply with the regulatory requirements, relative to KYC and anti-money laundering requirements as may be hereinafter required by applicable laws.

10.3 Upon opening of the account, such shall be deemed a consent to abide by the terms and conditions set forth herein and agreement related to it.

10.4 We also have the authority to request additional identification documents from time to time as may be necessary for CDD at a random amount and/or when settlements of the amount of the transaction or the series of transactions exceeds USD 10,000 (or its equivalent in other currency), domestic and/or cross-border operations amount exceeds USD 500 (or its equivalent in other currency), the transaction is suspicious regardless its amount, or you are confirmed to a special identity by authority or us.

10.5 We may request additional identification documents for confirmation purposes during sign-up stage, after opening stage or closing stage. We will contact you through your registered Email address or phone number. Should the required documents submitted remain incomplete for thirty (30) days reckoned from establishment of business relations, we have the discretion to suspend any business dealings with you and shall refrain from carrying out further transactions. Further, should documents mentioned in this paragraph be not submitted within one hundred twenty (120) days reckoned from establishment of business, we shall have the right to terminate the engagement.

10.6 Your Personal data including account info, KYC documents, KYB documents and other personal Data can be viewed and updated through the payment gateway, which are protected by a password. You agree that under the applicable money laundering legislation and applicable laws, your Personal data cannot be deleted and transmitted, it will be stored in payment gateway’s servers during the agreement period and after the end of the relationship.

10.7 We will take appropriate security measures to protect Personal Data. We will ensure that Personal Data is adequately protected against unauthorized or accidental access, processing, erasure, or use by other people without authority. The payment gateway adopts industrial standard encryption SSL technology and a cutting-edge firewall platform to effectively prevent unauthorized access and fully safeguard your information from data theft. We use reliable servers that meet the security standards to store your Personal Data. Fully aware of the importance of Personal data, only especially authorized staff within our permission shall be given access to your personal data.

11. Dormant Account

Failure to transact for twelve (12) consecutive months, shall be a ground to tag the account as dormant. An Account Management Fee $1.82 per month shall be incurred which shall will be directly charged to your account. “Transaction” includes Money-in Solution, Internal transfer, Transfer to Bank, Cryptocurrency Payout, Currency exchange, Card transactions and other transactions by way of the payment gateway, except for Log-in transaction which is not considered a transaction for this purpose.
Dormant account cannot make a transaction except for Money-in Solution. You can re-activate your account by contacting Customer Support.

12. Fees and Charges

12.1 We are in charge of fee renewal, revision and have the authority to withdraw fees from any currency account at any time, and you shall pay attention to the renewal or revision of fee from time to time. Any renewal or revision of fee schedule will be updated on our official website. In case you do not cancel the account in designated period when we issue the renewal or revision of fee schedule on official website, we will assume that you agreed to the revised or renewed fees.

12.2 In case of terminating the platform, you need to access the platform for handling fund in your account from the 5th to the 15th of next month of suspending platform. If you cannot transfer out your funds from the account within the said period, Andex will manage the remaining balance in your account after terminating the platform and the account management fee will be deducted from your balance. Management fee includes but is not limited to the management fee, transaction fee and other expense.

13. Support Service

The support service of transactions will be executed on our business days by TIGER PAY via email. Any requirement of support service submitted apart from business hours will be reflected to us on the next business day.
We do not have the liability regarding the loss or damage caused by system failure, repair or maintenance without prior notice, regardless as mentioned in the above.

14. Refund

14.1 We have the right to make decisions whether the current case should be refunded when the total amount of refund exceeds the amount of refund requested by Money service Provider under the policy of authority and/or acquire bank/financial institution. We shall accept no liability to you for the costs and responsibilities incurred by reason of disputes between the User requesting the refund and Money Service Provider.

14.2 In case of you provide the incorrect information to cause trading failure, we will refund such fund within 90 days by the time this failure notification reaches to us and you shall bear the transaction cost.

15. Retention of Records Regarding Your Identity and Transactions

All documents and records regarding your identity and transactions shall be kept throughout the business relationship with you and shall continue for a period of six years after the end of business relationship.

16. Termination or Suspension

16.1 You may cancel the Payment Services at any time upon due notice of the request for cancellation and claim for refund for unused fund via email using the registered email you have provided to us at inception. Our Customer Services department will then suspend all further use of your Payment Services.

16.2 You may be asked to provide KYC identity documents to enable us to complete the closure and process a refund for any unspent funds for you.

16.3 Once we have received all the necessary information from you (including KYC) and all transactions and applicable fees and charges have been processed, we will refund to the Customer any available balance less any fees and charges payable to us, provided that:

  • a). you have not acted fraudulently or with gross negligence or in such a way as to give rise to reasonable suspicion of fraud or gross negligence; and
  • b). we are not required to withhold your Available Balance by law or regulation, or at the request of the police, a court or any regulatory authority.

16.4 If you gain profits produced from platform error, system bug, illegal operation or Man-made faults, you shall return the unjustified enrichment at any time under our request. We have the right to cancel any improper transaction and adjust the balance to the previous amount. You agree that we have right to deduct the unjustified enrichment from your balance if you cannot conduct the return depending on our request; if your balance is not enough to deduct, we have the right to suspend the implementation of your all transactions on the payment gateway until the unjustified enrichment and other possible fee are fully returned.
16.5 We have the sole right to terminate or suspend your account without prior notice in the following cases:

  • a). Non-existent account holder or if an account was opened without the account holder will;
  • b). The information given upon opening the account is false or information is suspicious;
  • c). In case a third party was technically using your account, or regardless the purpose, a third party indicates other person’s e-mail address or information to open an account;
  • d). If we are unable to verify your identity or any other information pertaining to you, your account or transaction;
  • e). If you violated a law, or public order and morality, or is under suspicion;
  • f). If the account holder no longer exists;
  • g). Violation of the terms and conditions;
  • h). If we are required to do so by law, the police, a court or any relevant governmental or regulatory authority;
  • i). Forced to cancel the account as may be determined based on circumstances;
  • j). If you prove to be involved in adult services and contents, gambling, pharmaceutical, illegal groups, anti-social group, money laundering, terrorist financing and other illegal activities under applicable law or has any relationship with them;
  • k). Failure to pay specified fees for 6 months;
  • l). We cannot confirm remittance or other remittance of other transfer methods within 30 days of your login authentication.
    • (i) Violent demands
    • (ii) Irrational demands which is out of bounds of law
    • (iii) Actions which uses threat or violence
    • (iv) Actions to destroy our and our publicity or interfering our and our business activity by spreading false information, using fraudulent means or threat.
    • (v) Actions whatsoever which are equivalent to actions (i) to (iv).

    16.6 A User is responsible for fees associated with ANDEX’s termination or suspension in the cases above. ANDEX is not responsible for any loss or damages the user might suffer because of termination or suspension due to violation of the conditions of this section.

    16.7 A User’s fund is available for redemption by contacting us after the after the termination of the Agreement in the cases mentioned above. We reserve the right to deduct Management fee and the amount of any Late Redemption Fee from the proceeds of redemption of any such Available Balance.

    17. Process of (Registered) Information Changes

    1. 17.1.You shall notify us should there be updates on the registered information when you lose the account Username, Password or if there are changes in the registered information such as but not limited to name (corporation name), address (office address), phone number, mobile phone number, E-mail address, or any other changes thereafter as may be required for proper conduct of Customer Due Diligence.
    2. 17.2 We may notify or send transaction records to your registered Email address and name based on the application. We shall be entitled to limit your account usage when we receive those notifications or documents back. This solution is also applied when the registered Email address is invalid.
    3. 17.3 We take no responsibility for any damage caused by reason of your failure to notify us on time.
    4. 17.4 Delay or refusal of post or Emails to a registered address or Email address may occur due to User conduct or delivery fault. But we shall always assume that post or Emails are delivered within normal time. We do not hold any responsibility regarding any loss or damages caused by such failure of delivery.

    18. Risk warning

    1. 18.1 Any trading related to payment gateway service is carried out by you. TIGER PAY and Andex shall not be involve in your business. To wit, you acknowledge the following:
      • a). Any trading related to money service might be affected by marketing, bank policy, regulatory documents and applicable laws and regulations, including but not limited to the exchange rate difference, price fluctuations, trading limit and territory limit,
      • b). The cryptocurrency market is undefined and affected by fluctuations. The trading of cryptocurrency usually involves a significant amount, while is relatively fewer retailed or used by the commercial market. The exchange rate of cryptocurrency is easy to fluctuate.
      • c). There may be additional risks, which have not been foreseen or identified in this Terms and Conditions. You have to carefully assess whether your financial situation and tolerance for risk is suitable for buying/selling/trading currency/cryptocurrency and conducting other real money trading. You could bear any loss and damage from trading risk whether or not it is mentioned in this Terms and conditions.
      • d). TIGER PAY and Andex shall not be responsible for any losses and damages from your tradings.

    19. Matters Related to Disclaimer

    1. 19.1 Execution of your account transactions will be through affiliation with other banks. Transactions executed in your account will be assumed as trades executed by its genuine users, and we shall take no liability for any loss or damage caused by illegal activities conducted by the third party, fraudulent users, access abuse or other cases of abuse regardless of any reason. We also has no liability to you regarding irrelevant causes from us such as forced transfer, war, disaster, riot, economic sanction, legal restrictions or orders. The same goes with effects from deliberate or delinquent accidents, defaults, bankruptcy of affiliated financial organizations, or orders from the relevant authorities. We also do not take any responsibility for the loss or damage of failure of service to you when there are unavoidable reasons for inconvenience with communication equipment, lines, server failures, software failures or outages. You are to agree to our transaction value records as correct unless there is evident discrepancy with your record proved by written document of transaction records. We will assume you have agreed to the trading history as correct when there is no notification by you within 14 days from presented trade history date.
    2. 19.2 You acknowledge that you must confirm the transfer information before transferring funds to or from the payment gateway. Should the User failed to confirm any transfer information which results in a failed Money Transfer, we shall not take any responsibility for any loss or damages caused from such case.
    3. 19.3 We do not deal with changes or cancellation of executed transactions after the execution date.

    20. Management of Your Information

    20.1 Your Information is to be managed subject to the KYC policy as may be determined by applicable rules, regulations and laws.

    1. 20.2 You agree that we reserve the right to run all its business activities, including outsourcing management of User information to a third party in accordance with the KYC policy stated above.
    2. 20.3 You agree that we will disclose your information when there is any request from UN, court verdict, or legal authority. Clients are to strictly protect information such as Username, Login Password, and Withdrawal Password. Further, disclosure of such information to our certified Official Agents, customer support or any other third party shall not be allowed.
    3. 20.4 When logging into the payment gateway, we may freeze the User’s account if the User multiple times uses faulty Username or Password. Should this happen, just contact customer support for re-activation.
    4. 20.5 Should Users lose their own Username, Login Password or Withdrawal password or those of others, notify us immediately and request us freezing. Then Username, Login Password and Withdrawal Password will be issued again to your registered Email address.
    5. 20.6 We identify a User based on their Username and Passwords as registered in the payment gateway. We will assume your account to be accessed by its lawful users if Username and Passwords match the registered information. We have no liability whatsoever to its Users to cover the loss or damages when Username and Passwords are fabricated, forged, stolen, abused or is under any other violation. You are to consent to the identification procedure as stated in this article and protect their login information of your account without presenting it to a third party. You shall contact us immediately if Username and Passwords are in jeopardy.
    6. 20.7 We does not have any liability to cover for loss or damages incurred before the completion of these necessary procedures, unless there is deliberate or critical delinquency on the part of us.

    21. Money-in Solution

    21.1 We reserve right to restrict the territory, settlement currency, Money transfer channel, the lowest amount and the highest amount of settlement under the nature of Money-in Solution, the authority policy, provider’s requirement and applicable laws.

    21.2 You acknowledge and agree that you shall bear all fees and charges occurred from the solution, including but not limited refund fee, chargeback fee, settlement fee, bank handling charge and transaction fee. Should there be variance as to fee shown in the payment gateway and the real fee charged, we reserve the right to audit and the result of the same shall prevail and thereby reflect the proper one based on the audit report conducted in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

    21.3 It shall be your responsibility to ensure that all transaction-related information, such as, account number, reference number, and all other essential information to the Money-in solution are correct and complete. In case of deposit, the choice for remittance bank can only be made thru a bank which has been verified prior to the deposit. For remittance account belonging to third party, the latter shall be subject t proper KYC and othetr documents as may de determined. We are not responsible for any loss or damage due to incorrect or insufficient information.

    21.4 In case the fund cannot be refunded, the same will be transferred into a bank account separated from other bank account. By providing the correct remittance information, this fund will be refunded to your account with original remittance currency after deducting the transaction fee.

    21.5 You have the obligation to keep the certificate of withdrawal and not to disclose the same. Any inconvenience caused by reason of lost certificate of withdrawal such as but not limited to failure to claim the money shall be your sole responsibility.

    21.6 You agree that it shall comply with the terms and conditions of payment processing service demanded by provider under applicable laws and regulations.

    22. Trade Limits

    22.1 We reserve the arbitrary right to stop or limit the payment service for Users depending on rapid market fluctuations or global economic volatility. No liability to Users shall be acknowledged in our part (to cover) for any loss or damages incurred in this such cases.

    23. Anti-money Laundering & Anti-Terrorist Financing

    23.1 We have discretionary right to cancel the Remittance even without notice in cases where the remittance request involves high risk countries or regions according to guidelines issued by FATF.

    23.2 We may disclose information if requested by authorities relative to anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing activities relevant to AML/CFT guidelines even without notice. We will conduct its business in conformity with the highest ethical standards in the countries in which it does business, and will adhere to all laws and regulations pertaining to financial organizations. It is vital for all our customers, agents and employees and associates to fully understand the scope of AML or counter-terrorism statutes.

    23.3 We have the right to request evidentiary transaction document or investigation regarding your international transfer transaction. Failure to submit these support document shall be ground to refuse or limit your transactions. We have no obligation whatsoever to compensate or owe responsibility to you in this regard. We may suspend trades or cancel account in accordance with demand from authorities concerning halting money laundering, terrorist financing, all types of warranted individual, funding corporation and similar acts. We do not have the responsibility to compensate for these losses.

    23.4 You shall be held accountable for any damage or loss we have to suffer or incur by reason thereof with proper indemnity.

    24. Property Inheritance

    24.1 In the event of the inexistence of individual account holder, including but not limited to death or disappearance, the funds of the account shall be transferred to the account of an inheritor who shall be required to provide legal documents to prove the demise of the account holder and the inheritor´s relationship to the account holder.

    24.2 It is our discretion to freeze an account till submission of proof of the account holder´s demise and of the inheritor´s relationship to the account holder. After careful evaluation of the documents submitted, provided that the same be complete for such purpose, the remaining funds in the platform shall be transferred to the account appointed by the inheritor and thereafter cause to close the original account.

    24.3 In the event of inexistence of the authorized representative of corporation account holder, the corporation shall provide us with a power of attorney for the new authorized representative. We will then register this, and transfer authorization of account to this new representative.

    24.4 Only formal checking of the legal documents provided by inheritor or third party shall be allowed and shall have no responsibility for any virtual checking. We shall not be responsible for loss or damages caused by false information provided by inheritor or the relevant third party.

    24.5 We have the right to charge property inheritance.

    25. Changes to the Terms and Conditions

    25.1 We have the discretion to update the terms and conditions specified herein at any time. Notice of any material changes will be given on the website or by notification by e-mail or by means of mobile device at least 2 months in advance. By continuing to use the Payment Services after the expiry of the 2 months notice period, the same shall be deemed an acceptance to be bound by the updated or amended terms and conditions. If you do not wish to be bound by them, you should stop using the Payment Services immediately in accordance with our cancellation policy.

    26. Dispute Resolution

    26.1 Any and all disputes arising under this terms and conditions shall be resolved by Georgia laws. All disputes hereunder shall be governed by the laws of Georgia. All parties of this terms and conditions consent to jurisdiction of Georgia.

    27. Language

    27.1 This terms and conditions is executed in English language. In case of any conflict between English version and other language version, the English version shall prevail. This terms and conditions shall be interpreted in accordance with the plain English meaning of its terms.

The Terms and Conditions of Merchant Service

1. Definition and Explanation

1.1 “Merchant Service” refers to the Money in solution service through platform.

1.2 “Money in” refers to remit money into the account of platform owner.

1.3 “Platform number” refers to the account number of platform owned by platform user.

1.4 “Provider” refers to the corporate or individual who provides bank and/or merchant payment services.

2. Exchange Currency

2.1 Should there be any discrepancy between the exchange rate issued on the Platform and the exchange rate of actual operation, we will money-in the incoming fund to your account in accordance with exchange rates issued by relevant financial institutions certificated by legal authority.

3. The amount of Merchant service

3.1 We have authority to restrict amount of each settlement for Merchant Service, the lowest amount and the highest amount of shall be provided under the nature of merchant service. And we reserve the right to restrict settlement currency and amount due to the authority policy, provider’s requirement and other objective reason, in such case, we will notify you 30 days in advance.

4. Cryptocurrency solution

4.1. The Account Holder, provided that all identification documents have been provided to the money service provider, may apply for cryptocurrency solution in the platform.

4.2. Client acknowledges and agrees that

    • a). The amount of the final exchange shall be showed on the exchange platform.
    • b). The Exchange cost is floated, subject to adjustments by Money service provider according to the marketing policy.
    • c). Once exchange settlement is completed, the transaction cannot be canceled. Andex only provides the Cryptocurrency exchange gateway to Client, Money service Provider shall be responsible for all losses and damages from Cryptocurrency exchange service.

5. Fee and Charge

5.1 You acknowledge and agree that it shall bear all fees and charges occurred from the merchant service, including but not limited settlement fee, bank handling charge and transaction fee. If any fee showed on the platform system is different from the real charged fee, we reserve the right to audit the fee and correct it under applicable laws and regulations. You agree that the audit report shall prevail.

5.2 In case of termination of platform, you will be given a period within which you can handle fund in your account. If you cannot transfer out your funds from the account within the specified period, Andex will manage the remaining balance and you will undertake the management fee.

6. Money transfer information

6.1 You shall make sure the platform number you entered is the one for money in, we shall not take any responsibility for the losses and damages from incorrect platform number.

7. Disclaimer

7.1 The merchant service fee shall be described in the merchant service list, the fee may be changed by reason of bank policy, applicable laws and supplier’s policy, thereby giving us the right to adjust accordingly.

7.2 In cases where the delay and failure of whatsoever be caused by force majeure, losses and damages by reason thereof cannot be attributed to us.

7.3 You shall use the merchant service to conduct legal, reasonable and accepted settlement, in case of you misuse this service, and we shall not be responsible for any losses and damages due to such misuse.

7.4 In cases where the delay of money remittance be by reason of your own acts, losses and damages arising therefrom shall be your sole responsibility

7.5 You agree that it shall comply with the terms and conditions of merchant service demanded by provider under applicable laws and regulations.

8. Prohibited Acts

8.1 You undertake that it shall not conduct the following act. In the event that TIGER PAY at its discretion, determine your act is considered a prohibited act under applicable laws and regulations, we reserve right to freeze account, terminate account, lock capital and other dispose method. Prohibited acts against us refer to the following:

  • a) Violate and damage privacy, reputation, credit, properties.
  • b) Directly or indirectly interferes and obstructs business operation and the development.
  • c) Obstruct or damage the regular operation of Merchant service.
  • d) Any act causing disadvantage
  • e) Provide the Merchant service for third Party without prior written permission
  • f) Acts in violation of applicable law and regulation.
  • g) Other prohibited acts under applicable laws and conditions.

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