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KYC Documents Details


Tiger Pay requires two documents to verify your identity for your “Personal Account”.

1.Proof of Identity

*Proof of identity must be valid for at least 3 months and must be the same address as the proof of address.

Supported documents:
  1. 1. Driver’s license
  2. 2. Passport (recommended)
  3. 3. National ID card (both sides required)
  4. 4. Government-issued ID (both sides required)

2. Proof of address

*Must be within 3 months of issuance.

Supported documents:
  1. 1. Utility bill/receipt
  2. 2. Bank or credit card statement
  3. 3. Tax return form
  4. 4. National ID card [My Number].
  5. 5. Driver’s license
  1. 1. Please submit your identity and address proof documents in full color. Please submit both documents.
  2. 2. Your name, address, date of birth, and date of issue must be clearly indicated.
  3. 3. The scanned/digital image must show the four corners of the document.
  4. 4. If you are using your driver’s license or national card for proof of identity, it cannot be used as proof of address.
  1. [Shooting range]
    Please scan and shoot the entire KYC file. It is not applicable if there is a part with a cut edge or another object that cannot be seen.
  2. [Reflection/Shadow]
    invisible or appears as a shadow due to flash etc., will be invalid.
  3. [Image quality/resolution]
    KYC files should be in color and should be of a quality that is not out of focus. (We cannot accept monochrome photography.) Enlarge the image and use a resolution that allows the text to be read.

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