Update your registered information

Your registered information must be consistent with the Information written on your KYC documents

Update your identity verification registration details

Enter your address,phone number,and other information.

Upload your KYC files

Upload your proof identity and proof of address documents

Upgrade your TIGER PAY account/ KYC application Procedure


After logging in to TIGER PAY, go to “My Account” located on the upper right corner.

From the right side panel, click “Upgrade account”.


Select “Standard account”, and then click “Next”.

Standard accounts have more functions than Fast accounts including Fiat currency deposit. Withdrawal fee is also cheaper and the limit of the usage amount is also higher, so it can be used widely. Standard account do not have monthly fee.


The registration information must to be same as KYC submission, please change it if necessary.
When you have entered all the changes, click [Change]


Fill in all the required fields then click [Confirm].

Please provide your current address where you can receive mail.
Please omit the first “0” when entering your telephone number.


Check the input contents, if there is a mistake, return to the input screen with the [Back] button. If there are no errors, click[Register and go to next]


Upload your proof of identity and proof of address documents.

Our recommendation: passport + driver’s license.


If your registration details and application documents are successfully verified, the account upgrade will be completed within one business day. You will receive a notification of KYC application completion at your registered email address.

Your account upgrade is now complete.

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