Card application

Apply for a card from your Tiger Pay account

Card issuance application

Enter required information then pay the card issuance fee

Card arrival

Application is complete

How to Register for Tiger Pay Card


Click the “+” icon under the “No card connected” display in the dashboard.


Click [About UPI Prepaid Card] to view to details of the affiliated card. Check the box next to [Agree to the Terms and Conditions] then,

Click [Card Application].


Click [Apply].


Fill in all the fields then click [Confirm].

To change the card delivery address, check [I’d like to deliver my card to other place].


Check the entered information for any errors. To edit the information, click the [Back] button.

Click [Application Form download], sign and upload the file in [KYC Verification] under [My Account]. Please review your submitted KYC documents, as well.

Then click [Confirm].


Select [Pay from Tiger pay balance] then click [Confirm]. *Card issuance fee is $150 (Chargeback $25)


Select the currency for paying the card issuance fee and click [Confirm]. The card issuance application is completed on the next screen.

You can check the status of your card application in the dashboard. It changes from “Applying” to “Processing”. Please wait until you receive the card.


When you receive the card, click “Activate new card” under “Card application status” on the dashboard.

On the card activation screen, enter the last 6 digits of your card number and click the [Card activation] button.

This completes the card activation.

Confirm that the card is registered on the dashboard of the home screen.

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