TIGER PAY Business account

As the world becomes increasingly cashless, there is no doubt that global and speedy means of payment will be required not only for domestic transactions but also for businesses of all sizes. It will also be important to have a means of payment that can seamlessly handle not only Japanese yen, but also other currencies and cryptocurrencies.


Are you having trouble with the following tasks?

TIGER PAY's Business account was created as a payment
method that can solve such problems.

Are you having trouble with the following tasks?

Use Tiger Pay Wallet to Accelerate Your Business

For offline businesses, Tiger Pay can be used as a cashless payment system, and for online businesses, Tiger Pay can be used to implement a wide variety of payment methods. You can use Tiger Pay to improve usability by introducing credit card, domestic bank transfer, and cryptocurrency payment methods. In addition, international bank remittance and currency exchange can also be performed within the wallet, enabling global settlement in a wide range of countries with a single solution for cross-border business.


Tiger Pay installation

We will implement the system according to the business model of the business owner, and system integration through API is also possible.


Customer makes payment

Customers will use Tiger Pay to make payments in the currency specified by the business owner.


Receipt of payment

Once the payment process is complete, the amount received will be reflected in the business owner's wallet instantly.


Withdrawal of sales

Sales stored in the business owner's wallet can be received by submitting a withdrawal request.

Basic features of TIGER PAY account

Handling of various currencies including virtual currencies

Supported currencies Fiat currency: USD/JPY/EUR Cryptocurrency: BTC/ETH/XRP/USDT/USDC *As of September 2020. To be added as needed.

Instant currency exchange at the best rate

You can exchange not only between fiat currencies, but also between fiat currencies and virtual currencies at the best exchange rate.

Smooth overseas remittance

You can send money instantly between TIGER PAY accounts, even if the destination is overseas. There is no need to take into account the time lag until the money reaches your account.

Supports various remittance destinations

You can send money to local and overseas banks in Japanese yen and other foreign currencies, as well as to the virtual currency wallets of your business partners.

More convenient with API! By using API, these features can be performed automatically, avoiding any mistake!

API payment function

This is an API that allows end users to pay for products and services on the merchant's website by immediately transferring payment from the end user's TIGER PAY account to the merchant's TIGER PAY account.

Remittance API function

It is an API that allows you to send money from your Business account to affiliates and remittances to members in real time 365 days a year.

CSV batch remittance function

You can transfer money from your Business account to multiple TIGER PAY accounts on a specified date, in a currency, and in an amount.

Account opening (Batch account opening)

End users who register on the merchant's website can be registered for a TIGER PAY account at the same time. You can also open a TIGER PAY account for all of your past members. (The function sends an authentication email and asks the user to register a login password)

Accurate money transfer

Since it is an API, you can avoid mistakes due to copy and paste or typos.

Customer support

Experienced operators will support you 24 hours a day.

About opening a business account

Business accounts must be upgraded by submitting KYC / KYB after opening a free Personal account. In addition, since there is a separate contract for use, our staff will contact you with details after opening a business account.

About various fees

We will answer each settlement fee individually. Please feel free to contact us at business@tiger-pay.com

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