Enter currency exchange details

Select the currencies to exchange and enter the amount.

Check the entered information

Check the entered information then proceed with the currency exchange

Check balance

Check your balance. You will also receive an email upon completion of currency exchange.

TIGER PAY How do I exchange money


After logging in to your TIGER PAY account, click the Menu icon [≡] located on the top left corner of the page then click [Exchange].


Select the currency to exchange from “Debit Currency” and the currency to exchange to “Beneficiary Currency” from their respective drop-down list.

Choose between “Debit Currency” and “Beneficiary Currency” then enter the transaction amount.

Note: Do not put any commas when entering the amount.
If you do so, it will result into an error.


Check the entered information for any errors. If none, proceed to the next page to complete the currency exchange.


When the exchange is complete, please check your balance. The transaction can also be confirmed in the “History” section of your account.

A notice of currency exchange completion will also be sent to your registered email address.

Please note that the time in the email is GMT+0. Please add 9 hours to convert it to Japan standard time (GMT+9).

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