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Wallet Remittances
Transfer money from your wallet using the issued deposit address.


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Check the deposit from the Transaction History. You will receive a confirmation email.

TIGER PAY Cryptocurrency Deposit

After logging in to TIGER PAY


After logging in to TIGER PAY, click the Menu icon [≡] located on the top left corner of the page, then select [Deposit].

Select [Cryptocurrency deposit ] abd click [Next]


Select [Cryptocurrency Deposit], then click [Money In].

From the pull-down menu,select the type of cryptocurrency and click


From the drop-down list, choose the type of cryptocurrency you want to deposit then click [Next].

Click [Copy] to copy the address to the clipboard


Click [Copy] to copy the deposit address to the clipboard.

Paste the address you copied to the destination address and enter the amount sent.


Paste the address you copied to the [Receiving bitcoin address] section and enter the amount of bitcoins you would like to send to your Tiger Pay account.

Confirm your outgoing bitcoin transaction by completing the two-factor authentication code, and then click [Send from wallet].

Note: This screen will vary depending on the wallet used

Confirm the payment.


To confirm the payment, log in to your Tiger Pay account. Click the three dots [...] beside History. Select the appropriate currency and period, then click [Search]. The details of the transaction will be displayed below it.

A notice of completion will be sent to your registered email address.

Please note that the time in the email is GMT+0. Please add 9 hours to convert it to Japan standard time (GMT+9).