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Register for OMNIPAY and log in.


data input
Card registration
Register your card with OMNIPAY.


Charge completed
Balance inquiry
You can check the deposit/withdrawal history of the registered card by specifying the period.

Card Balance Inquiry

Click [Card Charge] from the dashboard.


You need to register as a member of OMINIPAY, the card operator, to check your card balance. Please refer to this link:

Select [Withdrawal currency] and [Charge currency]


Fill out the Registration Form.

CAPTCHA is case sensitive so please enter it exactly as shown on the screen. If you find it confusing, click [Reload] to display a new character string.

Click [Submit].

Check that the selected and entered information is correct


A verification email will be sent to your registered email address.

Copy the activation code in the email and click the link to access the site.

The card charge reception screen is displayed


On the redirected page, paste the activation code and do another CAPTCHA, then click [ACTIVATE].

The Activate success screen will be displayed, click [OK].

An email will be sent to your registered email address confirming that your online account has been activated and is now available.

 [Card Charge Completion Notification] email


Log in with your registered Username and password.

* Please note that the Username is not the email address but the Username created at the time of registration.
Enter the CAPTCHA and click [CONTINUE].

 [Card Charge Completion Notification] email


Card Registration

Please check the enclosed paper bound with the thread when the card arrives. Check the last 4 digits of your card number as well as the printed initial PIN number. Enter your initial PIN (ATM password). *You can change the PIN later, but you need the current PIN when you change it. Do the CAPTCHA and click [ENROLL]. "A card has been enrolled" will be displayed on the screen, click [OK].

 [Card Charge Completion Notification] email


Balance inquiry

Deposit / withdrawal history
Enter the period you want to display in mm/dd/yyyy. Click [VIEW TRANSACTIONS].
The deposit / withdrawal history for the specified period will be displayed.

Please check your balance and card usage with this method.
Please note that the card may not be used for some online payments or in some stores.