How to make a deposit Select
Click on [Transfer] then select [Withdrawal].

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Select bank
Select the bank from which you would like to withdraw.

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Application is complete
Enter the amount to complete the application.

How to Withdraw from TIGER PAY

After logging in to TIGER PAY


After logging in to TIGER PAY, click [Transfer] from the menu on the top left of the page, then select [Withdrawal] .

Select [Bank account remittance] and click [Next]


Select [Transfer to Bank] then click [Money Out].

In the case of a withdrawal to the same account as in the past


1. Select account
(a) If withdrawing from an account used in previous transaction(s), select from the pull-down menu on Transaction History.

(b)To withdraw from a registered account other than those in Transaction history, click [Select Beneficiary]. This will display your other registered bank accounts.

Enter the amount to be withdrawal and click


Select your preferred currency, enter your withdrawal amount and choose your withdrawal purpose.

Then click [Confirm].

Check the input contents , and if there is a mistake, return to the input screen with the [Back] button.


Check if all the entered information is correct then proceed to complete the withdrawal request.

The application for the withdrawal has been completed.


The application for the withdrawal has been completed.

You will receive an e-mail with [Notice of acceptance of withdrawal application] to the registered e-mail address.