Bank Information Registration
Register bank information
Click [My Bank Information]

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Enter your information
Fill in your bank details.

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Confirm and apply
Confirm the contents of the form and submit the application. A confirmation email will be sent to you upon approval.

How to Register Your Bank Information

After logging in to TIGER PAY


After logging in to TIGER PAY, go to [My Account] in the upper right corner of the page then select [My Bank Information].

If you already have registered bank information, it wil be displayed.


This page will be displayed if you already have registered your bank information. If you wish to add a new bank information, click [New Bank Information].

Enter all items by input and pull-down selection, and click[Next].


Fill in all the required fields then click [Submit].

Note: Please fill in English letters. For IBANK, SWIFT code and branch code, please contact your bank.

For example, Mizuho bank

Check the input contents for errors, and if there is a mistakeCheck the input contents for errors, and if there is a mistake


Check the entered information for any errors. To edit the information, click the [Back] button. Otherwise, click [Confirm]

Once your bank account has been approved


Once approved, a notice of acceptance will be sent to your registered email address. You can now use your registered bank account to deposit and withdraw from your TIGER PAY account.